Time stamp your files

Protect the anteriority of a creation, prove what was said during a meeting via a report or a simple audio recording, register a presence. This is possible thanks to a certified time-stamping solution generated online by blockchain.

Why use online time stamping?

The time stamp is used to legally prove that a file existed on a specific date.

Innovation and creations

Simply protect yourself

Mark the anteriority of its innovations or creations, without necessarily going through the filing of a patent (lab notebooks, description of a concept, drawing of a creation, computer code, …)

Legal documents

Certify any type of document

Prove the existence and non-modification of a document with legal value since a certain date (contract, literary work, photo, email, letter, etc.).


Proving user consent

Prove compliance with the GDPR (proof of consent to data collection, server access logs, etc.


Demonstrate the presence of an employee

Demonstrate the presence of its employees in certain cases (home service, teleworking, sickness absence, etc.)

unique pieces

Obtain an unalterable certificate of authenticity

For the creators of unique pieces, which they wish to endow with an unalterable certificate of authenticity

Supplier communication

Have proof of your exchanges

For companies wishing to have legal proof of their exchanges with their suppliers (audio or text recording of meetings, emails, …)

Each credit corresponds to a document to be time stamped. Buy credits then download your documents one by one to send them to the blockchain and get proof of time stamp.

10 credits



Time stamp up to 10 documents (text, audio, image, video, ...)

50 credits



Time stamp up to 50 documents (text, audio, image, video, ...)

100 credits

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500 credits



Time stamp up to 500 documents (text, audio, image, video, ...)

2000 credits



Time stamp up to 2000 documents (text, audio, image, video, ...)

How it works ?

1. Create your account

Click on "connect" and create your account on IpIpIp.

2. Buy time stamp credits

Choose the number of credits you need.

3. Drag and download your file to time stamp

Via your account insert your document (text file, audio, video, image, ...) in the location provided for this purpose.

4. Receive proof of deposit within 24 hours

You will receive the Bitcoin certificate for inserting your hash signature in the chain within approximately 24 hours. The date written on the proof may be 2 or 3 hours later than the filing date.

5. Keep this certificate and the original document in a safe place.

The certificate and the original document are necessary to constitute proof of authenticity of your document.

NB: IpIpIp does not receive your files to date stamp, does not keep them, and has no knowledge of their content.

The strengths of IpIpIp

You have a question?


The timestamp is a mechanism which consists in associating a date and a time with an event, a piece of information or a computer data. Its purpose is generally to record the moment at which an operation was performed. For IpIpIp, the timestamp consists of giving a date and a time to a document, without it being altered.

Any type of document: text, audio, video, image file in doc, pdf, jpg, msg, zip, etc., and even a zipped folder containing several files.

The maximum size per file is 500MB.

Yes ! You are the sole holder of your document, and the blockchain only contains an unintelligible “fingerprint”. It is therefore imperative that you keep your document, which is an integral part of the electronic proof

The blockchain provides proof that cannot be falsified and above all durable and valid internationally. Because whatever happens, we can never erase the trace of a file registered in a public blockchain. This technology is ultra-secure and decentralized. It is not managed by any third party organization so it cannot technically be influenced.

According to Blockchain France website page defining the blockchain, “… a blockchain constitutes a database which contains the history of all the exchanges carried out between its users since its creation. This database is secure and distributed: it is shared by its various users, without intermediary, which allows everyone to check the validity of the string. ” We advise you if you want to know more, to read the excellent Wikipedia page on Blockchain .

Each time a new data must be inserted in the chain, a signature characterizing all the previous records of the blockchain is used to carry out this insertion, which means that all the previous records of the chain cannot be changed. The chain is tamper-proof.

The best known of the blockchains is Bitcoin.

The blockchain was created by the founder of Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin system generates a “fingerprint” of your file, which is called a hash and corresponds to a sequence of numbers and letters. This fingerprint is integrated into all computers on the Bitcoin network, and takes into account the content of your file and the date of deposit. If you need to prove that your document is valid, you can submit your original document, and Bitcoin will re-encode it and show that this new hash is similar to the previous one. The document was therefore not modified.

A “home” blockain presents few guarantees, since it relies on a small number of computers. The greater the number of computers involved in the network, the stronger the evidence.

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