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Benefit from the advice of our experts to properly register your brand and logo, and start your business on solid foundations.

Why be accompanied?

Registering your own trademark can be tempting. However, many issues are not taken into account by entrepreneurs.


To be truly protected

A filing with the wrong choice of classes * or without prior research is more likely to be attacked and canceled.


For help on technical points

Identify which classes * concern my product and / or service, how to register my trademark abroad, when to renew the trademark.

Legal actions

To manage legal issues

Respond to any administrative objections, oppose similar filings by competitors, or lead infringement actions.


To be able to rely on its reputation

If you are forced to change your brand and therefore your domain name you are losing the fruit of your reputation efforts.

* To be chosen when filing a trademark within an international classification. View FAQ

How it works ?

1. Online form

You complete our online form indicating your brand, its field of application and the level of support desired.

2. Interview with our expert

Our expert will get back to you for an initial interview, in order to better understand your project and its specificities.

3. Recommendations

Our expert builds and then gives you a set of recommendations to launch your brand.

4. Trademark registration

Depending on the solution chosen, it constitutes the file and deposits your mark.

5. Monitoring and litigation

IPipIP monitors your brand to ensure that your competitors are not registering a similar name.

Our prices

Simple deposit

90 Excl.*
  • Class selection
  • Checking your file
  • Deposit at the INPI

Deposit and monitoring

239 Excl.*
  • Class selection
  • Checking your file
  • Deposit at the INPI
  • Monitoring your trademark after filing

Full support

930 Excl.*
  • Availability check
  • Class selection
  • Checking your file
  • Deposit at the INPI
  • Trademark monitoring after filing

The strengths of IpIpIp

You have a question?


The INPI receives the trademark application and checks the compliance of the file. It does not check the availability of the brand, and therefore does not guarantee that your filing does not compete with an existing mark, or that competitors do not later register the same brand.

When registering a trademark you must choose, in the Nice classification, to which class (es) your product and / oryour servicebelongs. You will have the exclusive use of the mark on these products and services. Be careful, choosinga whole class, without making a selection of products and / or services,could lead to the cancellation of your mark for lack of use.

No, trademark registration only protects you in France. If you plan to use your trademark in other countries, we recommend that you also register your trademark in these countries. IPipIP can assist you in this process.

Priority research is not mandatory, but remains strongly recommended in order to identify, prior to filing, the prior rights that could compromise the use and / or registration of your project.

You can register a name, a logo, both, but also movement marks (sounds, videos).

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